Take your business to new heights with Cloud Accounting.

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Take your business to new heights with Cloud Accounting.

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The Fun Accountant team has successfully converted over 300 businesses to Cloud Accounting with trusted products, free online training and expert advice.

Trusted Products:

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Accounting Software

Reduce time spent on admin with powerful business functions, that integrate with other apps seamlessly. Easy-to-use with 24/7 access from anywhere. Ideal for entrepreneurs, start-ups & growing businesses.

Payroll Software

Confidently manage your payroll and be compliant with a simple, reliable, and flexible online payroll system, no matter your level of payroll experience.

Automatic Capturing

Remove manual data capturing. Extract data from your documents & sync to your accounting, leaving you with minimum admin work and kill storage costs, saving it online for easy retrieval when needed.

Pay Online | Collect Payments

Simple & secure online payment services that integrate seamlessly with accounting. Assisting businesses to improve cashflow, integrate online stores and simplify payments accross the board.

Netcash Ecommecse

Netcash shop is a powerful eCommerce Shopping Care and online shop builder that allows you to create the eCommerce Shop of your dreams in a few easy steps.

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Expert Advice:

Our team aims to define Easy, Quick and Precise Cloud Accounting by offering you free training and recourses on our trusted products. As advanced users of cloud tech we thrive in the cloud accounting environment and are passionate about empowering clients conquer admin, be more efficient and achieve their business goals in the same way. As lifelong business owners and entrepreneurs we understand the challenges you face today and are confident in our expert advice.

Louis Munro CA (SA)

Founder of The Fun Accountant

Louis qualified in 2003 as a Registered Auditor and Chartered Accountant. He started a successful accounting practice after completing his articles. Louis became involved and specialised in Cloud Accounting in 2013. He is the founder of The Fun Accountant where he provides consultancy services and Cloud Solutions.

Jenny munro

Payroll Cloud Expert  | Human Resources

Jenny is a Human Recourse Manager and has contributed effective people management and processes to achieve a working environment that meets the requirements of both the organisation and their Clients for the past 18 years.

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