Sage Accounting: DO THIS when adding bank transactions via OFX

This article supplements our YouTube video about importing OFX bank statements into Sage Accounting. which replaces the manual capturing of bank transactions. I am only going to cover aspects of getting bank transactions into Sage Accounting. To deal with banking in accounting there is more to do, BUT if you stumble on this step, which […]

Importing Bank Transactions into Sage Cloud Accounting from CSV Bank Statements

This article accompanies our explanation YouTube video about importing bank statements into Sage Cloud Accounting which replaces the manual capturing of bank transactions. We suggest that the reader use this article as a written reference and training manual to enhance your video experience or to use it if you do not have access to YouTube. […]

How to connect and use ABSA bank feeds with Sage Business Cloud Accounting (AME)

Many small businesses have bank accounts with Absa Bank Limited which is one of the largest commercial banks in South Africa and a big player in the African banking sector. In this article we explore how to connect and manage ABSA bank feeds with Sage Business Cloud Accounting. By linking your business ABSA account for bank […]

Speed up your bookkeeping with Dext and Sage

In this blog I show you how the Dext mobile in conjunction with Sage Business Cloud Accounting can speed up your bookkeeping tasks, reduce unnecessary paperwork and store cost vouchers without having physical files, for easy electronic retrieval at a later stage. You can reduce your manual data capturing and speed up your bookkeeping process […]

How to link Dext to your accounting package

Dext & Sage form a powerful combination for small business owners who want to be paperless, efficient businesses. The power of the two systems lays in the integration of Dext and Sage that gives us the ability to automatically process transactions to our accounting system, after we have uploaded our vouchers or invoices via the […]

Financial Dashboard

Financial dashboards give us an instant overview of our businesses that helps us to assess our business’ financial health and financial performance. The built-in dashboards of Sage Business Cloud Accounting present us with graphs, charts and summary views. These dashboards can increase our knowledge and understanding of our businesses. This, in turn, can lead to […]

An intro to Sage Business Cloud Accounting in 2022

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a comprehensive business solution. A quick overview will never be enough to give you all the information about Sage. However, if you are in a hurry and want to know what Sage Business Cloud Accounting is all about this article is perfect for you. I have done a 10-minute video […]

Sage Tutorial 2: Set up your company in under 5 minutes

It is very easy to set up your company in Sage Cloud Accounting. It can be done in under 5 minutes. The Sage setup process is done in 3 simple steps. There are no limits to your settings even though you are still in the 30-day free trial period of Sage Cloud Accounting. What effect […]

How to sign up for Sage Cloud Accounting

You can sign up for Sage Cloud Accounting without providing your credit card details. This makes the 30-day free trial period of trying Sage Cloud Accounting a stress-free uncomplicated experience. In this Sage tutorial, I am going to guide you on how to Sign up for Sage Accounting. This tutorial is intended for people who […]

Online storage within your cloud accounting software

Storing documents online instead of printing and filing it, is a wonderful way of becoming more productive as a “solopreneur” or a mega business. In my previous article, I have considered the best cloud document management software. Many people don’t know that there is online storage within your cloud accounting software available when using Sage […]