Can you change your accountant and appoint someone new as your accountant in Sage Accounting? I am going to show how how to replace your accountant user in Sage Accounting.

Do I have to pay for my accountant to access my SageAccounting?

No, you don’t have to pay to enable your accountant to access your Sage Accounting. Sage cloud accounting automatically gives you an additional user in order for you to assign your accountant as a user to your books. The process of assigning an accountant is very simple and easy to do.

Step1: Login to Sage accounting

Step 2: In the top navigation menu select Administration—>Manage users


Step 3: Click on delete

You will receive a message asking you to confirm that you want to delete your accountant user. Click yes. Your old accountant will be deleted. 

Your previous accountant will get an email message that his/her user access has been removed. 

Step 4: Invite your new accountant by selecting Add Accountant

Step 5: Fill in your new accountant’s details 

You will need the following details of your accountant: 

The rest of the details are optional:

At User Type select: “This user is my Accountant” 

Click Save 

You will get a message that your accountant’s activation is pending. 

Step 6: Your accountant will get an email message to confirm his/her acceptance  

Sage also has an option for the new accountant to request access directly from his/her own company console. The business owner will receive a notification that the new accountant requested Accountant access. Since the business owner should know about the new appointment he can give access to the new accountant.

Your accountant has the ability to assign various staff members within his/her firm to work on your books. This will help to ensure that the people with the right skillset is appointed to your books.


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